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It can be very difficult and granted credit or credit if you currently have payment remarks. It gives banks good reason to fear that you will also have to pay down their payday loans / credit too. The good news is that banks and creditors no longer require the applicant to have avoided payment remarks for the entire 3 years before they want to review the application, which was commonplace a few years ago. see for further notes

The easiest way to acquire new payday loans and / or credit cards will often be to speed up the repayment of old debt first. More specifically, the debt that accounts for the payment remarks (the debt that has gone to debt collection). Contact the debt collection agency and possibly the lender if they did not make you any smarter.

Consumer payday loans – payday loans with security with payment remarks

Consumer payday loans - payday loans with security with payment remarks

Norgesfinans offers consumer payday loans and refinancing payday loans to private individuals in Norway. You can qualify despite payment remarks as long as you can provide security for the loan and have a personal income of over 350,000 a year.

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate 5.34% on payday loans of NOK 2 million over 25 years, totaling NOK 3,582,298.

An alternative to payday loan

Bluestep also offers payday loans in spite of payment remarks . You also need security in your own home. They have three types of payday loans and there are mortgages, refinancing payday loans and inter- financing .

payday loans from NOK 1000 to NOK 20000 without payment remarks

You can also check out Folkia micro payday loans. This loan is interest free if you only need $ 1,000 and pay back within a month. But of course, there are also some costs that consist of establishment fees and invoice fees.

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate: 165% at SEK 10,000 / 6 months, Establishment fee: SEK 350. Total: SEK 13,116.



Unfortunately, we do not know about credit cards that are currently available to people with a payment note or more.

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  • You can calculate the repayment of debt with the repayment calculator .
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  • If the debt has become very problematic to deal with, you can consider professional help for repayment .

Get payday loans with security

If you own a home, car or other that you can provide as security for the loan, it will be possible to get new payday loans / credit cards even if you have remarks. See Norgesfinans . The banks will soon see you with payment remarks that an insecure pays anyway and look up the interest rate even if you provide security. It can then be very difficult to pay off everything you have from debt. Therefore, it is generally profitable to pay off what one already owes first.

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